Author Greg Ray

Greg Ray, Author

Greg Ray is a dog lover – if that was not already obvious. He is the proud owner of a Kelpie X named Gus who teamed-up with Greg at the end of 2020 and has been running the show ever since.

Greg is a wordsmith, having worked as a journalist and a communication specialist for more than 40 years. He has also written several books of fiction, which will be progressively released in the future.

When he’s not writing his next best-seller, Greg can be found relaxing at his favourite hideout on Bruny Island.

He and Gus live in Tasmania’s historic Battery Point.

Jenny Miller, Illustrator

Jenny Miller, who provides the beautiful illustrations for the Why Dogs series of books, is the proud owner of a rescue dog called Sasol who bears a remarkable resemblance to Rastus Ramier, the pup who features in the first book of the series, Why Dogs Circle to Lie Down. Rastus also features in the Christmas book, Why Dogs Don’t Bark at Santa. Jenny happily admits Sasol was an obvious model for her early drawings.

Jenny grew up in a household where painting was a celebrated skill. However, it wasn’t until recently that she has been in a position to focus on her passion for drawing and painting. She enjoys life in the delightful Tasmanian bayside town of Kingston, south of Hobart. Sasol likes it too!

Anyone wishing to contact Jenny can do so by emailing jenjanemiller@yahoo.com.au.

Gus Ray, Chief Executive Dog

While Greg (Author) and Jenny (Illustrator) concentrate on producing even more wonderful books for children, Gus takes care of business.

Gus is a strong-willed and independent pup who is constantly imparting wisdom from his species, in the hope of inspiring the next masterpiece from his master.

When he’s not distracting Greg by refusing to sit on his mat, he loves naps in the sun and chasing seagulls until his legs can no longer function and his tongue is hanging down to the ground.

Gus is a kind and loveable pup who delights in sharing the joy of the Why Dogs books with children.

Holly Webber, Designer

Holly Webber is the graphic design specialist who provides the creative bond that ties together the individual skills of Greg and Jenny into the beautiful books that comprise the Why Dogs series. Holly, who runs her own creative design studio, lives a slightly nomadic life, spending the early part of each winter working in England. Most of the year, however, she lives in Hobart’s historic Battery Point.

Holly can be contacted at www.hollywebber.com.au

A Message from The Author

As one of my many young readers, you are very important to me. It is your support that gives me the inspiration to keep writing.  The fact you love my books is the best reward ever – so, thank you from the bottom of my heart! To try to repay your support, I offer regular competitions with great prizes for all my readers. To keep up with the latest competition, why not join our Mailing List. I can then let you know when the next competition is coming up and what you can win.

Greg Ray

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