Download Audio Versions of our Books ($3 Each)

Have your child follow along in their book whilst author Greg Ray narrates the story for them. For only $3 each, the audio version of each of our books is a simple way to enrich your child’s enjoyment of their reading experience.

Each file is in MP4 format and plays perfectly from a multitude of devices.

A Message from The Author

As one of my many young readers, you are very important to me. It is your support that gives me the inspiration to keep writing.  The fact you love my books is the best reward ever – so, thank you from the bottom of my heart! To try to repay your support, I offer regular competitions with great prizes for all my readers. To keep up with the latest competition, why not join our Mailing List. I can then let you know when the next competition is coming up and what you can win.

Greg Ray

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