Why Dogs Sniff Bums


Beautiful Hard Cover Children’s Book

This is a question that has intrigued boys and girls from around the world for as long as anyone can remember.  Our explanation is equally old.   It’s a fable designed to provide a not-too-serious reason for dogs to sniff one another’s bums. It’s a little bit silly, but it is also compelling.  Above all, it’s an easy explanation to give to small children wanting to know why dogs have this peculiar habit. It’s a ‘must have’ resource for most parents!



Why Dogs Sniff Bums

Sample read:
Dogs alone share this habit.
It’s not for cats, mice or rabbits.
No, they prefer to muzzle and cuddle.
So why dogs do it is a bit of a puzzle.
But there is a reason for dogs to scrum
And excitedly sniff each other’s bum.
The story begins with a doggy dance
And ends in the strangest of circumstance.

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