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Why Dogs—Education Pack

At Why Dogs, we believe in the power of imagination.

One of the greatest gifts you, as educators, can provide, is the ability to form mental images of scenes, objects or events that cannot be perceived through the five senses.

In fact, Albert Einstein himself believed imagination to be far more important than knowledge. He said, “For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

As teachers, it will come as no surprise to you that reading sparks the imagination.

The Why Dogs series lends itself to questions of inquiry, wonderment, fun and, of course, imagination. This has become overwhelmingly apparent in testimonials from teachers around Australia who, delighted by the rhyming verse and cheeky characters, have shared these books with their students.

Such was the response, we decided to work with a teaching professional to develop a rich educational resource to help teachers use the series meaningfully in their classrooms. The Why Dogs Education Resource Kit includes discussion questions, comprehension activities and even a playscript, all aligned with possible key learning areas, themes and ideas and content descriptions drawn from the Australian National Curriculum. Additionally, the kit equips teachers with printable classroom displays, borders and biographies of both the author and illustrator.

Sample Pages 12 & 13 from Why Dogs Education Resource Kit

The Why Dogs Education Resource Kit can be purchased as part of our exclusive schools Why Dogs Education Pack, which includes:

  • One hardcopy cover of each book in the Why Dogs series: 

Why Dogs Sniff Bums
Why Dogs Bury Bones
Why Dogs Circle to Lie Down
Why Dogs Chase Cats
Why Dogs Don’t Bark at Santa

  • One CD featuring audio books of each in the series
  • A spiral-bound hard copy of the 36-page Education Resource Kit
  • An electronic copy of the Education Resource Kit
  • Why Dogs student bookmarks

BUY NOW  for the introductory price of $195 (RRP: $230) including free postage

“They (the Why Dogs Books) are beautifully made and visually stunning. I love the poetic style”

Teacher, Kate Messenger

A Message from The Author

As one of my many young readers, you are very important to me. It is your support that gives me the inspiration to keep writing.  The fact you love my books is the best reward ever – so, thank you from the bottom of my heart! To try to repay your support, I offer regular competitions with great prizes for all my readers. To keep up with the latest competition, why not join our Mailing List. I can then let you know when the next competition is coming up and what you can win.

Right now, I am inviting all my readers who own a dog to email me a photo or video of their pet. Whoever sends in the best photo or video will receive FREE a full set of all five books, plus the audio-book which contains all the stories. I will personally sign each book to the winner. There are also plenty of consolation prizes to be won.  So, send in your entry today by emailing it to: I look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Ray

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